The art of male masturbation

Most guys would agree that masturbation is some of the most fun that you can have by yourself. But while our female counterparts have more frank discussions about the toys that they use, it’s unlikely that you’ll find guys recommending toys to each other.

That’s why we’re here.

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4 Tips from Satisfied Couples

While the dead marital bed is a popular sitcom trope, it's by no means a guarantee. According to a study published last year in the Journal of Sex Research, more than half of people in long term relationships are satisfied with their sex lives, with more than a third reporting that the sex is just as good now as it was in the beginning of their relationship! 

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Introducing a bit of Roleplay

An easy way to bring something new to the bedroom is to bring someone new to the bedroom!  We don't mean threesomes (although if you're at that stage, godbless, let us know how it goes), We're talking about role playing!

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Back to School

It's back to school season!  Whether that means you're starting a new semester of university, or you finally get some time away from the kids, there's never been a better time to brush up on some basics!  Here’s a study guide to help you get an A (or better yet, an O)!

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Anal Cleaning

Like everything else related to your body, whether or not to use an enema before butt play is a matter of personal preference.

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Thud or sting? 

You may think that all pain is pain, but “Thud or sting?” is the “Coke or Pepsi” of our time. Figuring out whether you prefer a thud or sting is the key to enjoying impact play. 

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50 Ways to Beat Your Lover

Put Down the Whip, Kip. Just Use a Cane, Jane...

There's a reason most fetish shops have entire walls devoted to Catwoman. When most people think of kink, whips are the first implement to come to mind.

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Sexting 101

Your phone has a virtually unlimited capacity to provide you with orgasms, but there's no substitute for a human connection. Luckily we’ve arrived at one of those “you got chocolate in peanut butter” scenarios, and you can have both! At the same time! 

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Allow us to Butt in

Long considered taboo, the place where the sun don't shine is finally experiencing its moment in the sun. Butt play has entered the mainstream, and people of all orientations and genders are seeing what their butt has to offer!

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An introduction to BDSM

For as long as humans have been having sex, we've been spanking each other during it. BDSM (an acronym for Bondage / Dominance / Sadism / Masochism) may sound scary, but it can mean anything from silk scarves and blindfolds to chains and whips.

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How to suggest trying something new

It can be hard to tell your partner you want to try something new or different. Depending on what it is, you could feel embarrassed. You might worry they could interpret it as you being unhappy with your current sex life.

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