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Beat the Isolation Blues

Lockdown got you down? Luckily delivery is still an option and Love Shop is here to help you beat those isolation blues! Below you will find a list of our top 5 boredom busters!

  1. LOE Sia (pronounced see-ya)
As in see ya later! You may go into voluntary self-isolation with this one! Solo play has never been so fun, this magnificent toy uses a jackhammer motion rather than vibration, and that flap is ready to give your naughty bits a delightful tap. This one is best suited for those who live alone because we can’t promise that you are going to be silent while isolating with Sia. Get yours here:
  1. WandMates Cosmic
To infinity and beyond! Staying home with the kiddos is super stressful, we get it! Time for you to put yourself in a time out and let these powerful vibrations massage away all that tension. Once it has you good and relaxed where you choose to let it explore is your business! Adjustable speeds and functions, waterproof, made from body-safe materials… and easy to pass off as “just another massager” (even though it is anything but!) the WandMates Cosmic is safe for those who have to endure isolation with kids. Pick yours up here:
  1. Real Dolls (full-sized companions)
Remember when Tom Hanks was isolated, and he made Wilson? We have a much better option! If you live totally alone and need someone to … “cuddle” who won’t talk through your Netflix binge… Look no further! Real dolls are here to help you beat the isolation blues. The name says it all, these full-bodied beauties are waiting to keep you company! Best suited for those who live alone, unless you are fine with explaining to your roommates why there is a mute lady chillin’ on the couch…
Blonde or brunette? Choose here:
  1. Lelo Oden 2 (and it is on sale!)
Couples – you didn’t think that we forgot about you did you?!If you are isolated with your significant other this is the toy for you. It comes with a wireless remote that works from up to 39 ft away. Both the remote and vibrating bullet/cockring is waterproof (good thing because this is sure to make a big splash 😉) AND it has Sensemotion technology, which means in this setting you can control the vibration of the cock ring/bullet by tilting and shaking the remote. If you use your imagination the pleasure possibilities with this toy are endless! Don’t miss out on the sale get yours here:
  1. Hot4U Bed Buddies
At the end of a long day of isolation put one of these on and let your lover know exactly what you need. Double-sided “sleep” masks can speak your wants and needs when you are just too exhausted to find the words. With a different phrase on each side will you display “Give me more” OR “I am spent” … “I like it rough” OR “Love me tender” find which mask best suits your moods here:
Remember to play safe! Be kind, compassionate and wash your hands! I hope this little list will help you beat the COVID-19 isolation blues, or at the very least has added a much-needed chuckle to your day.
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