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Bottoms Up

Bottoms Up – It’s Time To Talk Butt Plugs!

Many people don’t realize that their derrière has the potential to give them incredible pleasure. All too often anal sex toys are just things that ‘other people use.’ Today, The Love Shop Team is going to give you the 411 on the amazing ways butt plugs can give you intense pleasure!

  • Anal Play Preparation

Butt plugs can be used to prepare for more intensive anal play. Are you and your partner considering anal sex? Wearing a plug before anal play can make that experience MUCH more pleasant!


 Your anal muscles will already be relaxed and stretched from the plug, so when your partner removes the plug and enters you, you will accept him or her more easily.

  • Double The Pleasure

Double penetration can be extremely satisfying for both you and your partner. Whether alone with a dual dildo, or with another to satisfy you, the feeling of fullness is out of this world! As you know, there is only a thin lining between your vaginal and rectal canal, and many men love the extra tight feeling when you have something in your rectum while they are having vaginal sex with you. Plus, many women report the “tightness” of this makes them orgasm more quickly and intensely. For extra fun, try a vibrating plug! Then both of you will experience the vibrations!

  • Anal Orgasms Are REAL!

DYK it’s possible to have an anal orgasm? Really, it is! We KNOW these things! Actually, it’s common for women to have a MORE intense clitoral or vaginal orgasm when they are employing anal play as well. So, if you have a butt plug in and you are playing with your partner (or a vibrator) your orgasms can be EXTREMELY intense! Have you ever had a finger up there during oral sex – how hard did you orgasm? Well, imagine that times 10! Anal play is fun and butt plugs are a great way to provide this.

  • Don’t Forget The Lube!

If you’re using a silicone butt plug then you’ll need to use water-based lube or a toy safe hybrid lubricant, but for plastic and non-porous rigid sex toy materials you’re able to use silicone lubricant without worry that you’ll damage the material. Have questions on the right type of lube for your sex toys? Our Love Shop gurus are ALWAYS here to assist you and answer ANY questions you may have!

  • Butt Plug Sale – On Now!!!

Right now, at The Love Shop we’ve got beautifully crafted and expertly made TW Trade Paragon Glass Butt Plugs on special for just $29.99, (regularly 45.99)! Available in a variety of sizes and colours, these butt plugs allow you to indulge your sexual desires with the smoothness and elegance of borosilicate glass. Experiment with hot or cold temperature play, as these original hand-blown sculptures have exceptional thermal qualities! Their seamless, non-porous surface also make them easy to clean and sanitize! Plus, since they are TW Trade –  you KNOW you are getting a quality product!
Available in-store, or to be discreetly shipped right to your door, click here  to shop butt plugs today, or here  to find a Love Shop location near you!

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