Anal Cleaning

Like everything else related to your body, whether or not to use an enema before buttplay is a matter of personal preference. You're by no means obligated to power wash the entry prior to accepting a suitor through your rear entrance, but some people may feel more comfortable doing a sweep before company arrives. In which case, here's how to get started:

Find the right tool for the job

When a lot of people think of enemas, they think of the old timey hot water bottles. Those still exist and they're still an option if you want them, but we live in the future and there’s all sorts of exciting new technology designed to clean out your butt. 

Fleet enemas are your safest bet, particularly as a beginner. They come pre-loaded with saline and pre-lubricated nozzles, and have a smaller volume than some other options, making you less likely to overdo it. 

Anal douche bulbs are small, refillable rubber bulbs that work exactly the way you think they do. They look sort of like those nasal aspirators used on babies (which, coincidentally, many people use as an alternative to anal douche bulbs!) and are readily available at most adult stores (like this one!) 

Shower shots are hoses you install in your shower, which makes for a very easy clean-up. However, they’re best left to the more advanced crowd, because it can be difficult to control the volume, speed and temperature of the water. If you choose to go this route, start at the lowest water pressure available, and at a colder temperature than you would use to shower. 

Be safe and don't overdo it

Enemas are typically pretty safe, but overdoing them can lead to inflammation. It's also important to use lube because most enemas and anal douches have stiff nozzles, which makes tearing a possibility. Tearing drastically increases your risk of both viral and bacterial infections.  It's always a good idea to consult your physician. 

Most of us aren't going to run out and buy saline any time we’re expecting company, which means that people who use enemas on a regular basis are typically using tap water. If you overdo it, this puts you at risk for a very un-sexy electrolyte imbalance. 

Temperature is also an important consideration, and you should stick to around room temperature or slightly below. Mucus membranes are a lot more sensitive than skin. Think about the feeling of burning the roof of your mouth on a slice of pizza, now think about if that happened somewhere much worse than your mouth. 

You should also never, ever use anything other than water or saline, because your mucus membranes are as absorbent as they are sensitive. Whatever you put in there has a direct line to your bloodstream. Using substances or cleaning products is a very good way to end up very ill. 

Shit happens. 

Regardless of how well you prepare, anal sex is still… anal sex. Presumably, your partner is an adult human who also has a butt and understands how they work, so don't put too much pressure on yourself to be surgeon level clean. If the prospect of a mess causes you major anxiety, anal sex may not be for you. 

Basically: Don't go to McDonalds if a french fry in your bag will ruin your Big Mac. Avoid the zoo if you're that scared of monkeys. 


  • Finger first! A well lubed finger will loosen the sphincter muscles leading to a much, much easier anal douche experience. 
  • Stay close to a shower or toilet. 
  • Depending on the volume of fluids, you may not be able to hold it in. 
  • If you can hold it in, jump up and down and side to side so the water can reach all of your nooks and crannies. 
  • Wait an hour before accepting guests. You may realize you need less time than that once you've done it a few times, but as always, better safe than sorry. 


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