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Wetter Is Better!
Why Lube Is A Must Have For Great Sex!
When people think of lube, believe it or not, some people still picture that teenage boy with a box full of “nudie” magazines beside his bed and a bottle of hand cream, when in fact that couldn’t be farther from the truth!
With hundreds of textures, sensations and flavours to try, not only is lube a butt load of fun, it's also very important for safe sex, as the lubricant reduces the risk of tearing and injury if you're having anal or rough penetrative sex. Plus... it feels AMAZINGLY good.
Whether you’re a sex toy novice, or you have a giant tickle trunk beside your bed, it’s important to remember to ALWAYS use lube with your sex toys, as it will protect both you and them. However, you also must make sure your lube is compatible with your toy. For example, silicone-based lubricants can sometimes damage the silicone of your toy, so opt for water-based to be safe.
You must also ensure your lube is compatible with the condom you're using. Just like Vaseline and other oils, oil-based lubes are not compatible with condoms as they make them porous and less safe. They also alter the pH and bacteria levels of your intimate parts which can lead to infections.
ALWAYS check if you're allergic to any component of your lube before using it. A patch test is the easiest way of finding out.
Since lube can be used for so many amazing things, The Love Shop decided to create a 32oz bottle, so you never run out of this liquid gold again! Made with the highest quality ingredients on the market, our Canadian-made EXCLUSIVE Club Men Hybrid Lubricant contains extra moisturizers to make it extra silky smooth and long lasting. When absorbed into the skin it leaves skin feeling soft and supple.
Check out the different Club Men Hybrid lube types below!

  • Club Men Lubricant Water-based
Water-based, thick formula
Non-toxic & Non-staining
Condom & Toy Safe
Long Lasting, Never greasy
Sugar Free
  • Club Men Lubricant Silicone
Long Lasting
Sugar Free
Condom Safe
This silicone lubricant is light weight, waterproof and ridiculously slippery! This lubricant will outlast you every time!
  • Club Men Lubricant Hybrid
Creamy look, Silky feel
Long Lasting
Hybrid Formula (Mix of Water & Silicone Bases)
Sugar Free
Condom & Toy Safe
Bigger Is Better At The Love Shop!
No matter what your lube preference or need, at The Love Shop we’ve gottem’ all! Available in-store, or to be discreetly shipped right to your door, click here  to shop our 32oz Club Men Lube today, or here  to find a Love Shop location near you!

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