Love shop - The Love Shop Is Making Stress Awareness Month Sexy!

The Love Shop Is Making Stress Awareness Month Sexy!

It’s Stress Awareness Month!
Whether it’s work, kids, or personal relationships, there is no denying that these days life is stressful AF. And unfortunately, unchecked stress can damage or in some cases even ruin a relationship. But don’t worry, there are many fun and sexy ways that you and your partner can reduce stress together, or how you can relieve stress on your own!

  • Position Yourself For Stress Releasing Sex
Science suggests sex can improve mood and combat anxiety by reducing stress signals in the brain. Even if you don’t orgasm, just 20 seconds of skin-to-skin contact releases oxytocin – but hey, what’s the fun in that.
DYK the type of sex position you choose could contribute to the kind of stress you want to relieve? For example, if you’re a woman who is stressed from having to be in charge and make ALL the decisions in life, doggie style sex may be just what the doctor ordered, because you can let someone else take charge and just enjoy the ride – literally!  
Oral sex is a great choice for those people who wear many hats in life, and just need to LET GO of everything and have one thing ALL about them for a little while. Plus, studies show that oral sex provides some of the BEST entire body release orgasms, who could be stressed after THAT.
  • Set Up A Sexy Storytime Session
Sexual empowerment and relationship coach, Steena Marie Brown, suggests reading a sexy book aloud with your partner as a great way to relieve stress in your relationship.
“This is especially nourishing if one partner loves verbal attention and love, but the other partner feels a bit inadequate at dishing it out.”
Not comfortable reading aloud with your partner? Why not check out our sexy and VERY adult activity book Cockadoodles, featuring mazes, puzzles, word games, and penis colouring of course! Don’t forget, laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body's natural feel-good chemicals.
  • Go Solo!
Don’t have a partner? Who cares, reducing your stress is Tinder-optional.
Solo sex is an awesome way to rid yourself of all anxious worries, escape your head for a bit, and spend some time exploring and getting to know your body better.  A lot of people think of masturbation as a consolation prize to sex with someone and rush to an orgasm, but spending some time on self-care, “down there,” you can tap into AMAZING pleasure and create more body confidence, even in the midst of the most stressful times!
If you have questions about other sexy stress relieving activities for you and your partner, don’t be shy, let our extremely friendly and knowledgeable Love Shop staff help you find the right adult toy, game or lingerie for your unique need. Shop for vibrators, dildos, lingerie, and thousands of other adult products shipped discreetly to your door OR visit one of our many awesome adult store locations throughout Southern Ontario.   

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