Love shop - Why Dress-Up Isn’t JUST For Halloween!

Why Dress-Up Isn’t JUST For Halloween!

Why Dress-Up Isn’t JUST For Halloween!
Every year, kids — and adults — dress up in ridiculous outfits and storm the streets, on a mission to ring strangers' doorbells and fill bags with candy. As kids, we accept trick-or-treating as normal behaviour, but the October 31st tradition is really quite strange when you think about it.
With the holiday being very loosely based on old Celtic legends about the closeness between the mundane world and that of the spirits at this time of year and the Catholic Church's celebration of their saints, it is no wonder that Halloween costumes have taken on a rather macabre appearance.
However, in the adult world dressing up isn’t just for Halloween. When it comes to role-playing in the bedroom, dressing up gives you the opportunity to suspend your disbelief and explore a sexual side of you that maybe you’ve been a little too shy to show to your partner.
Maybe there’s something you’re a little curious about that you want to try. Or, perhaps it’s the lure of the uniform – the costume is calling to you! Role-playing allows you – in a safe, sane and consensual way – to cross lines and push limits.
Here are some tips on role play for beginners!

  • It doesn’t need to be expensive
You don’t need PVC costumes, elaborate sets, handmade props or Game Of Thrones dungeons. Most people never venture out of the bedroom for role-play scenarios. Instead, it can all be done with just a healthy bit of imagination. If you want to add affordable sex toys or clothing to the mix, such as handcuffs or lingerie, has lots of great options available that won’t break the bank!
  • Suspend your disbelief
Yes, it’s a theatrical term, but it really does help if you see yourselves as characters in a situation, rather than sticky real-life stuff. Work out safe words or code words beforehand that will end the session immediately –and get an idea of where you want to go.
Then play away!
  • Explore risqué scenarios (safely)  
As we said earlier, when discussing role play we often leap to naughty nurses and dirty doctors, but some people like to push role-play scenarios into age-play, blackmail, and cross-dressing. None of these mean anyone is doing anything irrational! Playing with age and gender can be seen as more of a curiosity, and is another way people can relinquish their responsibilities and feel like more of a submissive.
Your boyfriend isn’t automatically gay or transgender just because he wants to wear panties sometimes. You’re perfectly fine to play a younger or older version of yourself with someone who consents. This is all about having fun and finding a way to release your inhibitions.
Talk to your partner, or research groups where you can find other people who will be happy to play with you. Obviously use common sense when finding someone online. We’re going to trust that you know the more risqué situations should be done with someone you trust implicitly.
Role play is a great way to spice up your sex life and dressing up just isn’t for Halloween! Many people use it as a way to push boundaries and find fun, new and exciting fetishes they can get excited about. For all of your role-play and fetish needs every day of the year, take a trip to your nearest Love Shop location or shop online at! From now until October 31st, we are NOW offering 40% off all black and orange exclusive TW Trade products in-store! Plus save 50% off all Kink products online AND in-store!

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