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Kink Flogger Black suede 23

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The Flogger is a great impact toy for those who want to explore a new style of fetish and bondage play. It's well crafted from genuine leather and manufactured for enthusiastic flicking, teasing and whipping. The handle has tightly woven leather for a firm grip, and the 23" whip is mad of soft supple leather. If you are looking to add some excitement in the BDSM scene, the Flogger is the way to go. Give your partner some added sting and new dimension by letting your wrist get in on the action. Remember to always ease into something new with your partner. When done correctly, flogging can add amazing new sensations to you and your lover. It's time to get your Kink on! Unleash your animal side and let Kink take you to another level.


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  • SKU KINK002182
  • Manufacturer TW Trade
  • Brand KINK
  • Weight lbs



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