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LOE Gold Lena Vibrator

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LOE Gold Lena Vibrator


  • SKU LOE007005
  • Manufacturer TW Trade



(3 Reviews)
November 18, 2018
Softy tip is so lovely!!

November 18, 2018
LOVE my Lena! I love the curved shape and the smooth silicone, and the vibration is so powerful! I'm definitely impressed.

October 11, 2018
I love it too. However my first one just broke for no reason, and I didn’t realize there was a warranty so I go spend another $100 on another. Well guess what it just broke today, I wasn’t even moving it at the time it just stopped vibrating exact same thing as the last one. I’m bringing them both back today so I’m hoping I’ll get at least one working one back. 3rd times a charm right?? Lol it’s my fave toy so super sad about it

Just a Girl
July 07, 2018
Great toy. The silicone has a velvet like texture, which is nice. The tip has a memory gel feel to it. I like that each speed has a different colour that lights up when playing. Overall a good toy.

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