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LOE Kegel Balls Pink & White

(3 Reviews)

LOE Series: Kegels are a great way to arouse and work out the vaginal muscles. Simply pop them in, and hold them by flexing your kegel muscles. No one knows when you're wearing them, so you can start by using them at home while doing chores or simply relaxing with a good book. For the beginner, insert larger pair and wear for one hour a day, then gradually work your way up to a smaller set. In time your pubococcygeus muscle will get stronger and increase your sexual gratification. Why not experience the best orgasms ever? Imagine his surprise when your buff kegel muscle grips his erection. Improve your sex life and start training today.


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  • Manufacturer TW Trade
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(3 Reviews)
July 04, 2018
Love that theres two different ones. easy as pie to clean too!

V. B. 69
May 23, 2018
It's like lifting weights but with your vagina. Big muscles down there now. Very pleased. Best work out ever without going to the gym.

Kegel Wow
February 23, 2018
Amazing! Love that you get 2 different sized sets to customize your kegel work out.

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