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Posh Dildo Cobra 7" Flesh

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POSH Silicone Dong: The Posh Dong Collection is a great way to spice up your sex life. The 7" Cobra has a built in suction cup that is harness compatible and offers a soft yet firm feel. It is perfectly designed for those who want deeper penetration and more overall girth. They are easy to keep clean and completely body safe. The medical grade silicone warms to the body and offers 7" of length for someone who has the desire to be more adventurous. The Posh Line is incredibly realistic with its veined textured shaft and firm balls. It is naturally curved and firm enough to go deep yet subtle enough to maneuver into just the right spots. The 7" Cobra is a welcome addition to any erection collection! Enjoy solo or share with a partner to add some new excitement into your bedroom adventures.


  • Availability:(In stock)
  • SKU POSH008001
  • Manufacturer TW Trade
  • Brand POSH
  • Weight0.7 lbs



(1 Reviews)
June 19, 2019
It's girth is all I can handle but it goes deep in.Very satisfying. Next purchase is one in black.

May 12, 2019
I like

October 23, 2018
great product , very well made

March 04, 2018
u do home delivery in kitchener ?

December 13, 2017
This is an awesome product. My wife loves it and the 7" is very filling. The suction cup has an excellent grip.. Yes it will also fit a harness. We also have a 5" which fits a harness and my wife introduced me to it and I must say that it's awesome.. Do I recommend this product.. 100%

November 07, 2017
Are u shore it working if it's work i wont by in

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