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Secret Lovers Candles All Natural - Coconut Cream Pie

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Secret Lovers All Natural Edible Massage Oil Candle. Burn It! Because it's made with natural ingredients, this candle will burn smoke-free and will fill the room with a wonderful aroma. Pour It! Once a melted wax pool develops, extinguish the flame and pour a small amount into your palm. Massage It! The massage oil formula will soften and moisturize without leaving a greasy film on your skin. It is safe to use on the entire body. Lick It! Edible versions of Secret Lovers All Natural massage oil candles are made from 100% food grade ingredients and are available in a wide range of delectable flavours. Size 200 g/7 oz




(1 Reviews)
April 18, 2018
Such a good option for someone with sensitive skin like me. It's also not overwhelming in scent or taste which is hard to find with massage products.

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