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Secret Lovers Massage Oil Relaxation (Vanilla) 8.4 oz

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Relaxation (Vanilla): Vanilla is a well known scent to help the body relax and ease stress. It has a powerful antioxident that helps repair dry skin and also claims to create a calming feeling within. Connect on a new level with your partner by indulging yourself in one of the new Secret Lovers Massage Oils. Wake up your senses and treat your mind, body and soul to an erotic massage. A blend of sexual oils not only add to an intimate evening, but also leave the skin feeling restored and moisturized. Try them all and make your next evening a Secret Lovers One. Our Massage Oils come in various scents. Collect them all and indulge yourself in the many moods and pleasures you want to experience. Size 250 ml/8.4 oz




(1 Reviews)
July 12, 2017
Great Product !!!

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