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Secret Lovers Toy Cleaner 8oz

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Secret Lovers Toy Cleaner is made from very mild but very efficient ingredients that will not cause irritation or allergic reaction. When used as directed, Secret Lovers Toy Cleaner will effectively clean and prolong the life of all intimate toys. This Toy Cleaner contains a natural mild soap that gently cleans. An Antibacterial formula guards against mold, fungus and disease. Secret Lovers Toy Cleaner is Anti-Microbial and does not contain any alcohol which can dry out toys. This Toy Cleaner is safe to use on all Latex, Rubber and Silicone. Secret Lovers Toy Cleaner is non greasy, Petro-Chemicals Free, Paraben Free and Glycerine Free. Available in 8 oz Spray Pump bottle


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  • SKU SL001000
  • Manufacturer TW Trade



(3 Reviews)
May 24, 2018
Spray and leave for a minute and then rinse off with soap and water. Easy to use, whats not to love?

Gerald 1
May 24, 2018
We used to use plain dish soap but always wondered if some bacteria didn't remain on our toys. Great to have piece of mind.

July 12, 2017
Best toy cleaner bar none !!!

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