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How To Pack Your Sex Toys For Your Sexy Summer Vacation!

How To Pack Your Sex Toys For Your Sexy Summer Vacation!
If you’re planning a sexy summer vacation away and want to bring your sex toys, make sure to pack accordingly!
Taking sex toys on journeys can be a tricky undertaking: you have to manage power requirements, discretion, noise, and hygiene at the bottom of your suitcase. General rules for traveling with sex toys include putting them in a Ziploc bag for hygiene, making sure they're powered off and, if possible, removing batteries and storing them safely (tape across both battery ends if you can) to avoid accidental activation.

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Wetter Is Better!
Why Lube Is A Must Have For Great Sex!
When people think of lube, believe it or not, some people still picture that teenage boy with a box full of “nudie” magazines beside his bed and a bottle of hand cream, when in fact that couldn’t be farther from the truth!
With hundreds of textures, sensations and flavours to try, not only is lube a butt load of fun, it's also very important for safe sex, as the lubricant reduces the risk of tearing and injury if you're having anal or rough penetrative sex. Plus... it feels AMAZINGLY good.

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